Friday, October 19, 2012

Ek Tha Tiger: A Pleasant Surprise

Ek Tha Tiger was a surprise. Had very low expectation for the movie, thinking about usual Salman Khan Dabangg-eshtyle antics, but was pleasantly surprised. Peppy music, great stunts and new locales unlike we have seen in Bollywood so far and some actual acting by Salman Khan instead of goofing around as usual. Hmm, nice.

*SPOILER ALERT* Don't read anymore if you haven't watched the movie and do want to. :-)

Salman Khan's entry was spectacularly shot and made me wish I knew how to whistle. The scene where he comes back home after Iraq assignment and his neighbours' reaction were hilarious.

The background score used the music from the region where the story was unfolding enhanced the story telling. A constant irritation was the theme music which was clearly a rip off from Don. Wish they had created a new catchy theme. It was like an itch that does not go away through out the movie. Tiger is even better than Spiderman! While spiderman almost fainted after stopping a train, our dear hero stops a train (or was it a tram?) with such as ease, that too with the help of his jacket. And the jacket is still immaculately pressed and ready to use after being used for stopping the train. Can someone get me that jacket? I would like one too!

If Tiger has assumed the name of Manish Chandra for his assignment, why is Zoya is undercover with her real name? why? why? Doesn't make sense. She looks real sweet in the part of an agent torn between love and duty, but wish she hadn't got botox (or whatever it is) done on her upper lip. Looks like a bee bite that just doesn't go away and it is irritating when you can see that only her lower lip is moving and that's the only action/emotion you can see on her face throughout the movie. Disappointed. But a relief to see Hindi heroine kick some ass :-D Would have liked to see some fight between Tiger and Zoya when he finds out she is a rival agent. No idea why she was unarmed and was sitting like a Barbie doll when she was supposed to be stealing missile technology from a top Indian scientist's house and then looked real sorry about it.

Even though the script was real neat, the glaring mistake is when the super agent, from whom the whole of RAW agents are supposed have learned their trade, looks directly at the camera after crashing a crook through ATM kiosk and says 'Zoya, jaldi chalo yahaan se' just so that he can let the poor RAW & ISI know that he and his lady love are in Havana. Couldn't the RAW/ISI have been smart enough to find the eloped agents through real "intelligence"? Tch tch... God save such intelligence bureaus ;-).

Salman attempted to be acting the part of a tough spy who has never known anything else in life and comes out well with his restraint. His action sequences were brilliant. He looked like a lost schoolboy trying to get close to the leading lady which was rather sweet. Probably he should continue acting and quit portraying himself. Salman Khan, please, don't Dabangg anymore, I beg you. In the Laapata song, he seems to be clearly enjoying himself and you can see the glimpse of Hum Aapk Ke Hain Kaun kinda boyish charm in his smile. Cool.

Liked Ranvir Shorey and Girish Karnad in the movie. And Roshan Seth too as Prof. Kidwai. All in all, a feel good movie with a good story. Full paisa vasool.

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