Sunday, December 17, 2006

My First Post

First impression is the best impression.
Having read this so many times, it popped up the moment I sat down to write my first post. Made me think whether the first impression is truly the best.

Is it not true that the first impressions we have had of people change due course of time as a profound understanding of plausible reasons for a person's behaviour at the first meeting dawns over us? Is it not true a song that we first thought was despicable grows on us so much sometimes, that we find ourselves humming it unconsciously?

Well, what I think is, first impression is not always the best impression. We can not see everybody under the same light. Because the circumstances in which we meet different people differ and most importantly, the people we meet differ in their attitude, thinking, upbringing etc which deeply influence a person's behaviour. True, one who is boisterous and full of interesting pieces of anecdotes may present a positive first impression whereas someone sitting silently at a corner of a room observing others may incite negative first impression. But it is when we truly get to know him/her well that we truly understand how he/she thinks and why does he/she do so. If we judge someone on the basis of how serious or jolly he/she looks, we would be making a big mistake. Because there are so many people who appear reserved at first but turn out to be quite easy-going, funny and friendly (read,ME :-)). The body language itself is capable of telling the entire story on its own. But what I say is never make a judgment on the basis of first impression, who knows; you may be missing out on the finer-things in life just because you erred in haste.

How can I forget to include about making first impressions in the corporate world? It is stressed upon so much during the endless training sessions that we go through; that a good first impression is crucial to gaining respect, trust and confidence and that it will take you a long way in your life. So in the corporate world, you must always be ready to present your best self and make the first impression the best (Then what about later? It's truly difficult to impress later, don't you think? Beacuse how will you better the best???).

Ok people, that's all from me.
Let me know what you think... Are first impressions truly the best?