Sunday, May 31, 2009

Orientation 2009 at IIMB - the full story

It was a very very very hectic weekend at Orientation at IIMB(seniors say - "Get used to it!"), but also fun filled. Orientation, along with L-CUBE activities, not only showed us how physically unfit we are(from all the running around in campus for all the activities) but also got the grey matters working with the case studies...

L-CUBE event kicked in with a debate from the industry experts, PGSEM alumnus and Prof DVR of IIMB on 'Executive MBA - A faster way to the top?' and gave way for interesting view points. After dinner we were asked to participate in cultural events(regarding which I wont divulge anything) which went on till 11:30PM. This was followed by a shocking news that we need to submit a case study before 8AM next day and we got the PGSEM motto - "SomeHow, In Time!" :) Wow! Did life seem really interesting at that moment...

After catching a wink, the formal IIMB PGSEM orientation began and we were addressed by Prof Venkatagiri and Prof Aggarwal. As a part of icebreaker session, we participated in a mystery murder game. Then began the case study by Prof L S Murthy. We all had spent a sleepless night, analysing the case and were very confident that we were prepared and all set for our first case study of our MBA. As Prof Murthy took us through the case, prodding us for points, facts, data and then flipped the case study in such a way that our whole analysis and the sleepless night we had spent analysing, discussing, rearranging the points of the case seemed just ridiculous. Our minds opened up to a new insight of our own 'unconscious incompetence' and came out the auditorium with a wow! moment of my life :)

This followed with more surprise activities had us all running in the campus at night competing with other teams for points and getting stuck in the rain. Boy, is IIMB campus huge or what!

The final day of the orientation had a student profiling activity and also a talk by Sanjay Anandaram on entrepreneurship, the conclusion of orientation program with address by Prof. Pankaj Chandra, Director, IIMB and ended up in Prof. Venkatagiri handling the PGSEM mantle over to Prof Aggarwal. The entire afternoon was then a plethora of quiz, cultural and sports activities. I went back home, with the satisfaction of a weekend well spent and with an enthusiasm to return to the campus at the earliest for classes.

I thoroughly enjoyed all the activities, even though I was exhausted at the end of it. There were many a wow moments(case study, Prof. Venkatagiri speak), many groans(when we were asked to get ourselves in motion), some jubilation(on winning events), some disappointments(on not winning the House Cup). I am not yet ready to go semi-philosophical(Hope you know what I mean ;)), so let us just leave it at that.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Send a mail without forgetting the Subject

I was looking for a way to make sure that whenever I sent a mail from Outlook, I should not be able to send without a subject line. Finally got a way to do it and here it is:

1. Open your outlook.
2.Press Alt+F11. This opens the Visual Basic editor.
3.On the Left Pane, one can see “Microsoft Outlook Objects”, expand this. Now one can see the “ThisOutLookSession.”
4.Click on “ThisOutLookSession”.
5.Copy and Paste the following code in the right pane.(Code Pane)

Private Sub Application_ItemSend(ByVal Item As Object, Cancel As Boolean)
Dim strSubject As String
strSubject = Item.Subject
If Len(strSubject) = 0 Then
Prompt$ = "Subject is Empty. Are you sure you want to send the Mail?"
If MsgBox(Prompt$, vbYesNo + vbQuestion + vbMsgBoxSetForeground, "Check for Subject") = vbNo Then
Cancel = True
End If
End If
End Sub

6. Save this and now close the VB Code editor

This macro makes sure I don't send a mail without subject.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Orientation 2009 at IIMB

I am off to IIMB for orientation this weekend. Loads of interesting stuff planned by SAC and lots of competitions too for the new PGSEMers. This, coupled with L3 and guest lectures, should make the 2.5 days a breeze.

Classes are due to start from June 19th and am pretty excited about it.