Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stuck between rock and ....

The worst of situations bring out the best in me. Bulb jal gaya...!!

Being the lazy bone that I am, I usually go about doing my chores just about right. Nothing extra ordinary. I have realised that the more pressurised I am(until handle-able situation), I come out with flying colours.

I was tensed with work and studies, and a project ppt and presentation coming up, I stressed out. When friends and family support you, tell you not to worry and that you can do it, becomes music to one's ears.

Could catch Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahaani earlier this week. A refreshing movie I must say. Watching it in movie theater after 2 long years was a double whammy.

With two more quizzes and one final exam in each of the subjects, I have lot of stuff to complete. Work pressure is not helping either. Looking forward to a vacation now. Wonder how UK would be!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Work, study et al

I had totally forgotten that I have a blog. The pressures of life are about to get to me, but I am safe so far.

Studywise: Macroeconomics has interesting concepts, but the oh-so-complex graphs have my head spinning. Managing Organisations has those surprise(our confidence intervals on estimation are getting better and better!!) quizzes for which I am never prepared. QM1. Do you need to ask anymore?

Workwise: Hectic hectic hectic.

Lifewise: :) Am I still alive??

Well, it wont be so bad in a week I guess. Might be able to post something better. Well, hopefully..