Friday, September 18, 2009

Where is the world going?

One question I am frequently asked now-a-days is ‘are you not on facebook’? When I say no, the sense of incredulity that grips the other person is quite perplexing to me. I have stayed away from all of the social networking sites, but for one. That itself seems redundant to me. But for the sake of keeping in touch with some near and dear ones, I have maintained that account. Now that the entire world is moving towards Facebook, I think I will be forced to use Facebook very soon. Today, I read Ramayana, the Facebook way! And I even got a BnCC invite to join Facebook!!

With all the frenzy of announcing to the world that 'you are sitting' and that 'you are standing' and that you hate pasta and then putting up your entire life on display through your albums, is very scary and a big no no to a private person like me. I wouldn't do it for the world. So, when one doesn't upload any photos and doesn't share anything personal, it is no fun, ain't it?

The amount of time I will have to spend on logging in to these networking sites and checking the statuses, I will prefer to use for other activities which will benefit me in some way. As it is, deleting the invites to umpteen useless sites is becoming a big task for me.

Well, even Mr US President Obama has cautioned youngsters to be cautious while posting every aspect of life online, maybe people will sit up and notice. Not only that, when everything is online, the world is losing touch of itself. It has already reached a point where people talk to others sitting next to them online than personally waving and saying a hi, where is the world going?

Random thoughts:
A piece of article recently caught my attention. It was regarding facebook’s search being powered by bing. Now a days, seeing ‘powered by bing’ statement takes my mind back to my strategy classes and makes me wonder the implications of MS’s takeover of Yahoo’s search engine.


Joel said...

Nice blog..!
And get on Facebook soon, theres already a few PGSEM-ers and sometimes their status messages (or rather groans) are pretty hysterical!! :)


Social networking definitely is a waste of mental resources...and a major distraction thing..:)...anything too much is always bad...only it helps in getting in touch with long last friends...

Supreetha said...

Joel, thanks!
Yes, I will have to use Facebook soon, but am still reluctant to. My friends have started ditching Orkut and have started using Facebook regularly. Well, you might get to see my groans soon..

Santhosh, I agree, it is convenient to connect with friends, I have got in touch with quite a few who I'd thought have got lost in time.