Thursday, December 03, 2009

Cold start, sunny spells

Cold start, sunny spells. That's what the BBC predicts of the weather today here in Birmingham. Poised to be at 6 degrees, I am about to set off for an exploration of the city of Birmingham.

Yesterday's shopping at BullRing shopping center went well. To be frank, I found stuff cheaper here than in Bangalore. Maybe the X'mas season has got to do something about it. And getting good deals on GAP, H&M, CK feels good( :-) ). All the 'super brands' that we always long for have 'Made in India', 'Made in Bangladesh' 'Made in China', 'Made in Vietnam', 'Made in Turkey' tags on them. Now I know why we Indians get a raw deal back home. All the good stuff gets exported and we get the second rated stuff which is overpriced... Just as I had always suspected! X-(

Did I tell you about my first flight experience? Well, that's a story for another day..

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Anonymous said...

Waiting to hear about your first flight experience. Write it soon. Once you are back in Bangalore, you will be lost in the crowd once again :)