Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Baking: A fun activity for weekends

I entered Sin-A-Mon's baking contest a while back and won this book as Runner Up. It was when I was in search of a hobby after MBA that I came across Monika in Times Life, the Special Edition of TOI.  Looked her up on the Internet and booked a seat for her 2-day baking basics classes.
Thus began the story of how I got interested in baking. After scouring over dozens of food blogs that can make you go mad, when I actually attended the classes, a wonderful new world of baking opened up to me.
The amazing taste of home made, self made cookies, muffins, rolls and cakes were a class apart. After that I haven't bought any of the above from store. If I do, those are the things that I buy just to compare the tastes and see if I have made them better. Yes, was the answer everytime.

It wasn't after 2-3 months after classes that I actually ventured into baking on my own. I don't own an OTG (Oven Toaster Grill) and I don't have enough space in my kitchen to keep an oven along side the microwave. After persistent reminders from my dear friend Kanchan, I finally bought all the essential baking items and ingredients and set out to bake. We have made chocolate chip cookies, chocolate muffins, chocolate cake, blueberry cheesecake, savoury onion cheese muffins and vanilla muffins. These have turned out very well and were devoured by family and friends.

Looking forward to buying an OTG soon after somehow figuring out the solution to my space crunch and then baking regularly. With Cupcakes & Muffins book in tow, I should be able to experiment and make some more flavours of muffins as well. More than all that, the heavenly smell that wafts through the kitchen and the entire house makes for such a warm and cozy feeling. 

Happy Baking!

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