Sunday, April 12, 2009

PGSEM interview @ IIM Bangalore

I attended an Alumni interview and a Faculty interview at IIM Bangalore for PGSEM 2009.

Alumni Interview questions:
1. Where are you located?
2. Why do you want to pursue PGSEM?
3. What are your short term goals?
4. What are your long term goals?
5. What do you mean by growth? What does it mean to you?
6. Your project, what is your contribution, what does the tool you develop do? About the client and the process followed in that sector(Chemicals and Petroleum).
7. Do you know how much time is required to complete this course?
8. What is a normal work day like. How do u spend your day?
9. Do you have family or financial commitments?
10.Why so many change of companies? What kind of organisation do you like better(Indian/MNC)?
11. Have you applied to any other PGP courses? Why only PGSEM, why not some other course(PGP, PGPX) from IIM or regular MBA?
12. Is this the first time you have applied to PGSEM?

The interview lasted around 15-20min. It was informal and the Alumni wanted to know in general whether you wanted to get an MBA just for the heck of it or whether you will be dedicated, and if you had the right attitude.

Faculty Interview questions:
1. You have mentioned about business processes in different industry sectors. What processes were you referring to?
2. You have done social service. Why did you start doing it? What work have you done so far?
3. What is your take on moral policing? Is it right that today's youth drinks and goes pubbing? What are your thoughts on this?
4. You want to do management, what management books or articles have you read? Talk about one topic for two minutes.
5. What are the 2 things that you will bring to this MBA class, that we should consider your candidature?
6. Why do you want to do PGSEM? You have got pretty good score, you could have got into full time MBA in any decent business school in India(of course, other than IIM).
7. You are inclined towards social service, why have you not considered taking up FPM? (FPM is a 4 year residential doctoral program by IIMB).
8. Why have you changed companies so often? Are you a rolling stone? (:))
9. What do you like about your present company? Everybody does the same work, what is special in the work you do?
10. How do you rate yourself on a scale from 1 to 10? Why?

The interview lasted 20minutes. The panelists were very friendly, and I wouldn't say they grill you, because once they ask some question, they really listen to what you have to say in the matter and ask further questions based on your answers. I was my normal self and was honest about my goals.

Post Graduate Program in Software Enterprise Management is an MBA for working IT professionals provided by IIMB spanning 2.5 years. It is a general management program and the course fee is 8.5 lakhs.

Some useful links:
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I am just lazy to write more than required and so, I would point you to this blog for the PGSEM application process.

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